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Dear Sir
We would like to suggest you to cut down your utility expense and protect your life and your family member’s life from Bomb Blasts, Earthquake, Tremor, Vandalism, and Skin Cancer with the application of Sun Heat Control Safety & Security Window Film.
M/s Safety First International is Sales Tax Registered Company. We are importers and wholesalers of World’s Best Window Films with 10 Years Warranty. Glass of any thickness, tempered or laminated will fly on an impact of 4000 psi. If you apply Solar plus Safety & Security (2 in 1) you can save your monthly utility bill expenses and enhance existing glass strength from 4000 up to 30,000 psi. Curtain cannot stop incoming heat.
We strongly recommend you to go for the World’s Strongest Safety & Security Window Film with Sun Heat Control Feature.

Flying glass causes 90% of all injuries in an explosion; these projectiles can travel at up to 40 meters per second. Safety & Security Film will prevent glass shred from flying, and save human life. See demo

Window Films are ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certified. These Films provide 99.99% protection from UV rays which are the single largest cause of Skin Cancer & Fading. The Skin Foundation recommends Solar Control Film as an effective measure for UV protection. If you apply Solar plus Safety plus Clear Films (2 in 1) your utility expense will reduce 30%. It also gives you protection from Theft and Vandalism as it is the replacement of Grill. Our range includes, Laminated Films with & without design, Vinyl, Panafax, Safety & Security Film, Dusted & Frosted Crystal Film Series, false ceiling, attractive designs & patterns can be made on it according to clients taste.

For further queries, please feel free to call on my Cell Numbers 0300-3605501, 0323-3263648.

Yours Sincerely
Shamim Riaz
Chief Executive